We have established a process chain that includes the latest production methods. So we
can process fairly small or medium-sized production runs of a high quality on time.
We can design our own parts or take over customers’ existing data. Our machines are
programmed externally using CAM systems in order to reduce tooling times. The finished
programmes are then relayed within our company network.

Bild: mf_01kl.jpg
Designing parts in the
3D CAD system or taking
over customer data
Bild: mf_02kl.jpg
Preparation work for milling
using CAM programming
Bild: mf_03kl.jpg
Simulating the milling process using 3D CAD

Bild: mf_04kl.jpg
Milling on machining centres
Bild: mf_05kl.jpg Bild: mf_06kl.jpg
Finished milled part meeting customer requirements
Bild: mf_07kl.jpg
Milled aluminium part

Bild: mf_08kl.jpg Bild: mf_09kl.jpg
CNC lathe used for machining parts
Bild: mf_10kl.jpg
Finished lathed aluminium parts

Our Machines section contains a summary of our latest machinery, which is available for
us to complete your orders.

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