Laser & Flame Cutting

Laser & Flame Cutting

Since purchasing a laser cutting machine, a press brake and the relevant programming
software for these units, we are able to effectively manufacture extremely complicated
sheet metal parts, which require high degrees of accuracy.
Our use of the 3D CAD system called SolidWorks completes our range of services.
We also have a CNC-controlled plasma and flame cutting machine, which enables us to
process sheet metal that is thicker.

Bild: bb_01kl.jpg
The parts are ideally positioned on
the sheet metal; this ensures efficient
production and saves materials.

Bild: bb_02kl.jpg
10 mm steel laser-cut part
Bild: bb_03kl.jpg
20 mm steel laser-cut part
Bild: bb_04kl.jpg
Stainless steel laser-cut part with rounded edge

Bild: bb_06kl.jpg
80 mm sheet metal flame cut part
Bild: bb_05kl.jpg
Aluminium laser-cut part


We can exactly plan the bending process and the tools that are required in advance by
using external programming software. The bending programme that is automatically
generated forms the basis for smooth, efficient production work.

Bild: bb_07kl.jpg
Design work using the modern
3D CAD SolidWorks system
Bild: bb_08kl.jpg
Work preparation, external
programming and simulation
for the press brake
Bild: bb_09kl.jpg
Shaping on the press brake with the help
of a large stock of standard tools

Bild: bb_10kl.jpg
Aluminium finished bent part

Our Machines section contains a summary of our latest machinery, which is available for
us to complete your orders.

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